Single Will & 2 POAs

In-Office Signing

Services Included

As part of this retainer we will provide the following services, all of which are included in the fee that has been quoted to you:


  • A video conference to discuss your estate plan and receive instructions from you
  • Drafting 1 Will, 1 Power of Attorney for Property and 1 Power of Attorney for Personal Care as per your instructions
  • Meeting you at our office to complete the signing of your Will and Powers of Attorney

Services Not Included

The fee quoted to you will not include the following additional services:


  • Changing the documents after they have already been approved by you and prepared for signing
  • Receiving revised instructions from you after our video conference that are materially different from those given to us during the video conference
  • Verification of the value, ownership and associated tax liabilities of your assets
  • Preparation of Multiple Wills
  • Preparation of Mutual Wills
  • Preparation of a Spousal Trust
  • Provision of legal advice on how foreign succession or tax laws will impact your estate or your beneficiaries – On this point, you will need to obtain legal advice from a lawyer licensed to practice law in the foreign jurisdiction.
  • Provision of advice with respect to income tax planning – On this point, you will need to speak to your accountant or a tax lawyer.

* if you are interested in any of the above, ask us about the applicable fees