Free Wills & Powers of Attorneyfor Frontline Covid-19 Workers

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Are you a Frontline Covid-19 Worker?

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We are proud to be a part of the Frontline Legal Support initiative.

Frontline Legal Support is an initiative started by a group of volunteer lawyers in Ontario to provide free legal assistance to frontline workers. We are proud to be part of Frontline Legal Support and as part of this initiative have committed to prepare Wills and Powers of Attorney for frontline Covid-19 health care workers on a pro-bono basis. Our frontline health care workers are risking their lives on a daily basis to save ours and this is our way to show our appreciation for their sacrifices. In an effort to provide this service to as many frontline Covid-19 health care workers as possible, Lexpand has put together a volunteer summer program for first and second year law students in Ontario.

Lexpand’s Will Preparation Intake Form

As part of our service you will have an opportunity to interact with our comprehensive wills preparation intake form. Our Wills are extremely customizable and are meant to reflect your specific wishes. When using our intake form you will be able to tell us exactly how you wish to divide your assets.

Wills and Estate Services - Lexpand Legal

Wills & Estates Law

At our wills and estates department we focus our attention on understanding your circumstances and crafting an effective estate plan for you. A Will and a Power of Attorney are only two of the many estate planning tools that are available to individuals. They should be drafted in light of the bigger estate planning picture and after determining whether other tools such as a family or a spousal trust might be beneficial to you. We use a lot of technology in providing legal services. We will provide you wish access to our client portal which will allow you to log in, view and download your documents, track the progress made on your file and communicate with us directly from the portal with respect to your file. When preparing a Will for you we will also provide you with a comprehensive asset list which you can share with your executors and beneficiary. Our real estate practice complements our wills and estates practice. Often times in devising a state plan we determine that it might be beneficial to complete certain transfers of title in which case our colleagues in the real estate department come to our assistance.

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