Description of Services

Residential Real Estate Sale

Services Included

As part of our retainer for the completion of a residential real estate sale transaction, we provide the following services, all of which are included in the fee that has been quoted to you for the completion of your transaction:


  • Reviewing of your agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Preparation of the deed or transfer
  • Preparation of the Statement of Adjustments
  • Preparation of undertakings, direction for funds and other documents required to complete the sale
  • Receiving and responding to requisitions on title
  • Completion of one institutional mortgage payout including correspondence with the mortgagee prior to closing and obtaining a statement for discharge purposes
  • Delivering discharge funds forthwith after closing in accordance with the discharge statement
  • Obtaining a discharge of the mortgage and reporting to the purchasers’ solicitor with registration particulars of the discharge
  • Reviewing the direction in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and paying from the proceeds of sale, the balance of the real estate commission owing, if any
  • Meeting with you to sign all necessary documents
  • Preparation of a record book containing all of your closing and transaction documents

Services Not Included

Please note that the fee quoted to you will not include the following additional services, which will be provided to you at the fee set out below should you require these additional services from us:


  • Paying out an additional mortgage in addition to the one included mortgage payout – $100
  • Paying out a bridge loan – $100
  • Paying out any judgments (writs) against you – $100
  • Paying out any Tax Arrears – $30
  • Paying out any personal debts in addition to the one included mortgage payout – $30 per payout
  • Correspondences with the municipality with respect to active/open permits on the property – $50 per correspondence
  • Providing an undertaking to holdback funds for a period that is less than one year – $100
  • Providing an undertaking to holdback funds for a period that is more than one year – $200
  • Correspondences with the purchaser’s solicitor after closing with respect to any of the following issues: a) premises not being clean; b) garbage remaining in the premises; c) any of the appliances not working properly; d) any outstanding repairs to the property; e) any alleged breach of any vendor warranties; f) Tax & Water arrears – the highest of $50 per correspondence and an hourly rate of $300
  • Renegotiation of purchase price or any of the terms of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale – Hourly rate of $300
  • Negotiation of an extension to the closing date – $300
  • Paying out of a private mortgage – $150
  • Completion of your transaction by way of Power of Attorney – $150