Description of Services

Commercial Landlord and Commercial Tenant Issues

Services Included

As part of our retainer we provide the following services, all of which are included in the fee that has been quoted to you for the completion of your matter:


  • One free, one hour, consultation session during which we will review your particular issues and circumstances and discuss the type of relief you require at this time.
  • Review of your commercial lease and determination of whether there is any text in your lease which permits any form of rent relief in the circumstances.
  • Review of all legislation and regulations that exist in Ontario and which pertain to your particular situation.
  • Providing you with a summary of all applicable legislation, regulations, and text contained in your lease which affects the type of relief you are entitled to receive or obligated to give.

Services Not Included

Please note that the fee quoted to you will not include the following additional services, which will be provided to you at the additional fee set out below should you require these additional services from us:


  • Preparing an application on your behalf in order to receive any relief for which you may be eligible – $250.00
  • Drafting a lease amendment on your behalf – $150.00
  • Negotiating a lease amendment on your behalf with your tenant, if you are a commercial landlord, or with your commercial landlord if you are a tenant – hourly rate of $250.00