About Us

Lexpand is a Toronto based law firm providing services in the areas of corporate law, real estate law, civil and commercial litigation, wills & estates and immigration law.

Lexpand was founded in 2013 with a vision to enhance provision of legal services through effective use of technology. Starting with modest beginnings with a team of only one, Lexpand has grown to be a respectable boutique law firm in North York, Ontario.

Lexpand Legal - About Us

We speak your language

We are proud of our team’s multiculturalism. It makes us worldly and allows us to effectively communicate with and provide services to many of the residents of Toronto. Collectively, we speak the following languages:


Farsi (Persian)




Unlike conventional law firms, Lexpand is not named after any particular individuals. Many ask us about the origin of our name. Lex in Latin means “law” and expansion is a form of transformation that all things great, including the universe we live in, undergo. We use law to help our clients experience this transformation in their business ventures and hence the name Lexpand.

Lexpand Client Portal

Our portal

We are a big fan of technology and innovate in the field of legal-tech on a daily basis. As a client you are provided with login credentials to our client portal which will allow you to see all of your matters and follow the progress made on each of your files in real time. You won’t need to email documents to us as all can be uploaded on our client portal. Our system will automatically email you status updates as we reach certain milestones and will let you know if there is anything we need from you in order to move your file forward.

Lexpand Legal

We are different

Many firms will tell you that they provide customized solutions. At Lexpand we have aimed to standardize our solutions to the extent possible as we believe that in a high volume practice, it is only standardization that can yield a high quality of service coupled with efficiency, reliability and ultimately client satisfaction. For every one of our matter types, we have done our best to clearly define the process both from the perspective of the client and the perspective of the firm, so that at every step of your file you know what you should expect next.

Lexpand one stop legal shop

We are a one stop shop for your legal needs

Many of our clients love the fact that we are a one stop shop for most of their legal needs. With services in the areas of corporate law, real estate law, civil and commercial litigation, wills & estates and immigration law, Lexpand has become a full service law firm in North York, Ontario. Among the thousands of files that we have opened for our clients at Lexpand, we have assisted them with incorporating companies and growing them into multi-million dollar business ventures; we have successfully litigated on behalf of many clients in various levels of Ontario courts; we have prepared wills and powers of attorney for many clients and have administered their estates after their passing; we have purchased and sold many homes, apartments and commercial properties for our clients and we have assisted many of our clients with private lending ventures.

Lexpand one stop legal shop

Contact Us

If you have any questions about any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us at 416.LEXPAND