Small Claims Court Disputes

Disputes up to $25,000 are litigated in the Small Claims Court. We charge flat fees for small claims disputes depending for every stage of the process:

  • $1,500 + HST for preparation of a Claim, a Defence or a Counterclaim/Crossclaim
  • $1,500 + HST for attendance at each Settlement Conference
  • $1,500 + HST for each motion, if any
  • $1,500 + HST for Trial Preparation
  • $1,500 + HST for each day of trial

A simple dispute will typically involve 1 settlement conference and 1 day of trial with no motions. More complex disputes can involve multiple settlement conferences, motions and multiple-day trials.


Landlord & Tenant Board Disputes

We act for Landlords in landlord and tenant disputes and often assist them with evicting tenants. Eviction of a tenant can very simple or extremely complicated depending on the circumstances of the case. We will therefore be able to provide you with an estimate of the legal fees after the first consultation.


Business and Real Property Disputes at the Superior Court of Justice

We represent clients in a variety of business and real property disputes at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. We charge on an hourly basis for Superior Court of Justice Disputes.

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